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Air purifier
with air humidifier
Mateko Lavender 3

10 stages of purification

It’s capable of purifying, humidifying and upkeeping the highest air standard. We have equipped it with 10 different tools to fight pathogenic pollutants.

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User reviews

“I WANT TO POINT OUT . This purifier reduces the time of illness!!! In my house: Covid, after 3 days my husband put the equipment in my bedroom and I no longer had a temperature at night, and today I feel good. I recommend. I am fantastically surprised.”

Ewa |

“Since having the air purifier I finally have no problems with runny nose or snoring at night. The air is humidified and not so much dust collects on the furniture. At first I had a problem with the choice of plants but I managed to buy from hydroponic growing and now the purifier looks beautiful and works great. I sleep much better at night. I do not know how I could function without it. What is important is that it can be easily moved around the apartment the kids have started to pick it up for us.”

Alicja |

“The purifier has been running almost continuously for 2 months. The humidity in the house has gone from about 30 to over 40%. Problems with dry nasal mucous membranes, which used to be the issue of the day, have disappeared. Unfortunately, the first flowers died, because we tried to adapt cuttings from the ground. I do not recommend it. It’s best to buy ready flowers from hydroponic cultivation (we managed to get such in one of the DIY stores). Even so, the filter strainers can get clogged with plant debris, but a few strokes with an old toothbrush once every 2-3 weeks and everything returns to normal.

When you enter the house from the city, you feel a specific microclimate, maybe not the smell of the forest, but it is pleasant. For now we have the middle of winter, so the effect can be even better in the peak of hot summer.

In short, I recommend it for home office and bedroom. In our case, one device covers both of these spaces.”

Arek |

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Air purifier

with air humidifier

Lavender 3


The most advanced tasks in the world are done by nature.
This is why we feel so good in a forest smelling of resin where a crystal-clear brook shines like silver and branchy trees rustle as if they were telling their stories to us.

Mateko Lavender 3 Air Purifier reflects the natural processes. The Forest Cycle – this is what we call this unique
air purification method. This is a biochemical reaction patented by Mateko which gives us purified and humidified air.The air which passes through filters reaches the graduation tower. On its walls with the dedicated design beneficial microbiota created in individual stages of the “Forest Cycle” is deposited.The air rich in microbiota flowing through the graduation tower is infused with a full aroma of the fresh, healthy forest. Now, Lavender 3 allows nature to act also in every room.


Mateko Lavender 3 Air Purifier was created for artistic souls.
The beauty of a natural plant combined with smart product lines give inimitable, harmonious nature to the entire product.

Lavender 3 is not only an exceptional technology achievement, but first and foremost a perfect design and a charming item. It will complement every interior and give distinctness to it.

In the transparent pot on the device top we plant our favourite plants which decorate our interior and provide oxygen to the air, The stylish combination of nature and cutting-edge technology is within your reach.

Choose beneficial plant species to enjoy the wonderful, pure, green interior. The novelty and charm of Lavender 3 consists in that it uses the positive action of plants and emphasizes their beauty.


The primeval forest is endless and timeless. Make yourself comfortable and let yourself be surrounded by a peaceful climate of a primeval forest in your interior. Air Purifier Mateko Lavender 3 creates an everlasting atmosphere wherever you are.

Living plants, in particular trees, are an important part of every healthy place. They humidify and purify air. They promote treatment of everyday stress. They create a favourable biosphere where we feel free. Thanks to science, we discover more and more species living nearby for thousands of years which purify air thanks to their unique properties. Lavender 3 follows the same rule. The heart of the forest pollutant control system is roots. They ensure elimination of hazardous substances, viruses, bacteria and toxins. The device operation method can be compared to the tree life.


Mateko Lavender 3 offers 10 states of air purification. It uses two high-quality filters of a standard air purifier effectively: HEPA 13 and antimicrobial filter. The filtration system is extended with a negative ion generator and UV-C lamp. It is complemented by the patented technology of a smart bio-box, graduation tower, the Forest Cycle.

Lavender 3 is a highly efficient device being a standard air purifier and
by providing complementary, unique properties of the Forest Cycle, it makes a cutting-edge purification device.

Lavender 3 is a highly efficient air purifier. CDR of more than 300 m3/h,
Formaldehyde-CADR more than 40 m3/h and CCM* PM2.5 level P1.

  1. Air humidifier (efficiency of 650 ml/h)
  2. HEPA H13 filter (eliminates up to 99,99% PM2.5)
  3. Antibacterial filter (efficiency of 99,99%)
  4. UV-C Lamp (eliminates bacteria and viruses)
  5. Ion generator (eliminates pathogen microorganisms and allergens)
  6. Forrest Cycle (biochemical reaction, Mateko patent)
  7. Bio-box (module responsible for production of the rich microflora)
  8. Graduation tower filter (medium for the rich microflora)
  9. Plant based air quality improvement system
  10. Root reggae (plant root zone – hydrophytic purification, absorption of heavy metals, formaldehydes)
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*Cumulate Clean Mass – measures the actual purification power of the device


Diverse components of Lavender 3 make a beautiful, colourful and useful pattern. Kaleidoscope. The particular segments in the device make a perfect composition for us: Air purifier with air humidifier Mateko Lavender 3.

Silent device operation. Sensors: PM2.5 pollution, temperature and humidity. “Reset” function, silent sleep function. Wi-Fi with Tuya application. Water reservoir 12 l. Air filter of medical HEPA H13 class absorbs hazardous particles of at least 0.3 microns. What is more, it removes 99.97% of small solid particles from the air, including pollen, pollutants and allergens. It reduces the amount of bacteria, viruses, plant pollen and smog in the air.

Model No. - MAP-KH-U3365-H33W
Cleaning efficiency

CADR PM2.5 (airborne dust): 326.9 m3/h
CADR (Formaldehyde): 42.8 m3/h
CCM P1 (PM2.5): 3,000–5,000 mg
CCM F4 (Formaldehyde): > 1500 mg
Ion generation: 3.2 x 106/cm
Bacteria elimination: 99.99%

Height: 840 mm
Width: 440 mm
Depth: 250 mm
Weight: 9.5 kg

Height: 925 mm
Width: 485 mm
Depth: 300 mm
Weight: 12 kg

10 stages of air purification:

Forest cycle, Plant based air quality improvement system, Roots reggae (plant root zone), Bio-box, Graduation tower, Humidifier, Antibacterial filter, H13 HEPA filter, UV-C antibacterial lamp, Ion generator

Technical data

Power supplu: 220~240 V/50 Hz/1 Ph
Rated power: 35 W
Noise level: 16/31/42 (55) dB(A)
color: white/silver
Water tank capacity: 12 l
Area of operation: ~35 m2
Compatibility: Wi-FI with Tuya app

Additional functions

Fan speeds

Auto Mode


Reset Function

Sleep Function

Timing function


Optimism is the most important property of Lavender 3 users. The same, unique process has taken place since the earliest days of the world. The Earth has been changing into the space for living thanks to plants and water.

The mini-ecosystem of Lavender 3 acts like a primeval forest – a natural and highly effective mechanism. Like the Earth, it creates the sphere of bliss, greenness and life. Feel the enthusiasm, the contact with healthy, forest air which ensures optimism and joy that you breathe without any effort, with pleasure. Mateko Lavender 3 will make you feel as if you were in the wild. The air you breathe will be humidified, full of positive energy and safe for you, your closest ones and your guests.

Be an optimist!