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MaCH technological revolution!
Coanda-Venturi Effect
The MaCH portable air conditioner is a device that incorporates all the elements of a modern air conditioner and at the same time represents a huge technological step forward in the design of such devices. Among other things, the modern app shows actual energy consumption, or allows you to control through the actual energy cost. MaCH cools faster, cheaper and more economically than standard air conditioners.
The world’s first air conditioner with innovative Mateko Cool Hyper technology, on sale in 2023

Lavender 3 has been equipped with a cooling insert filter, which acts as a modern graduation towers and is a carrier for the produced microflora.

One of key components of the hybrid air purifier structure HAP Aria is a turbine.
Thanks to it, the airflow is much more beneficial than in the standard purifiers on the market.

BIO-BOX: Bio-box is an innovative and the most important component of the green air purifier Lavender 3. This is a unit, producing rich microbiota, full of microbes, inside the device.

Air booster is the channel that directly connects the turbine to the pot module.  The air compressed by the turbine is pushed through the air booster directly into the pot module. The enhanced airflow picks up and accelerates the natural air circulation (chimney effect) intensifying its efficiency. The air injected into the pot circulates around the roots of the plant, carrying heavy metals, formaldehyde and benzene particles to the plant’s root phyto-zone, where they are metabolized. The molecules are absorbed by the plant, and converted into the green mass of the plant.

Aria is a hybrid air purifier that detects and eliminates 99% of all indoor air pollutants, while blending into the zen of your home. The device combines classical mechanical air purification technology with the use of phytoremediation properties of plants that eliminate contaminants in soil, water or air. Aria uses this natural power to eliminate indoor air pollution.