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  • Koncentratory tlenu

    Koncentrator tlenu Vaco TLEN90

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The best business relationships we established with our Customers and the high-quality devices are the fruit of our long, heavy and satisfactory work. Our products are broadly available to the users thanks to the continuous cooperation with proven European distributors.

We know the importance of air quality today. To ensure comfort and safety of our products’ users, we created and marketed a broad range of products generating supreme-quality air. Our success in that area drives us to come up with more and more innovative ideas and technological solutions.

Our success in Mateko is attributed to our teamwork, as we analyse, listen to opinions, exchange observations, and then start to act!



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Aria on

Along with the Aria by Mateko project, we have been featured on We invite you to visit and cast your vote.
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Invitop – new factory

Company Invitop from Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China manufacturer of our flagship model among air purifiers: Aria by Mateko has completed the construction of their new factory.
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Integration with Sky-Shop

Our B2B store is now fully integrated with the shop software.
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