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Help during remote learning

To help during remote learning, we donated twelve laptop computers to two primary schools.
We wanted them to help the children who needed them most during remote learning. Before hand-over,
they were prepared by our IT technicians to ensure their instant efficient use.
Those days, the speed of operation was of immense importance to facilitate remote learning for students.

Vilnius region in videos

“O Wilnie, Wileńszczyźnie i nie tylko” [About Vilnius, Vilnius Region and More] is a programme discovering the beauty of Vilnius Region and its residents.
Mateko is a partner of the project implementation. The programme authors are three friends, two history teachers
and an economist. They create easy and pleasurable historical videos depicting different villages
and towns in Vilnius Region. Their shared passion provided an incentive to them to work on the programme to preserve our common, great heritage
and traditions of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.
See the channel called “O Wilnie, Wileńszczyźnie i nie tylko” [About Vilnius, Vilnius Region and More].

Support for the hospice

Michał Sopoćko Hospice in Vilnius is a house reigned by love, goodness and hope! The sick and their families receive both physical and spiritual, medical, psychological and social care there. Mateko supports the hospice, but we would like to encourage also you to act. We can do more together.