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The Future of Air Purification Technology

Aria is a Hybrid Air Purifier that detects and eliminates 99% of all indoor air pollutants while blending in the zen of your home. Inspired by NASA’s report about the natural power of plant’s roots and by our own knowledge we developed exclusive hybrid technology for air purification. Patent pending.

Hybrid Plant Technology

Aria combines the classic mechanical air purifier technology with the use of plant’s phytoremediation properties which eliminate contaminants in soils, water, or air. Aria uses this natural power to eliminate indoor air pollution. A special zeolite substrate soil is used that has the ability to trap nitrogen impurities which expels viruses, odors and bacteria.

Breakthrough & Classic

Classic air purifier technology Aria utilizes is the UV light, HEPA activated carbon filter, and ion generator which are proven to be effective for removing air pollutants. Aria improves it further and increases the CADR (clean air delivery rate) with the use of Mateko’s air booster which utilizes a turbine to provide higher air movement into the unit in a more efficient and cost saving manner.

Smart Monitoring

Aria will use multiple intelligent sensors to continuously monitor your environment. Information such as temperature, air humidity, air pollution, and graphs (with history) will be sent to your smart phone app. Amazon Alexa and Google Voice assistance will also be available for checking these measurements.

Plant Library - Tuya APP

Save time and hassle by using the plant library app, which will provide necessary info to grow and maintain your plant. Info will be available on which plants are better for different purification uses such as fighting viruses versus removing air toxins. A visual scale will show you the plants rating level on removal of chemical vapors, ease of growth and maintenance, resistance to insects, and transpiration rate. And you will have full control of fan speed, UV and filter time, and put the unit into sleep mode.

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